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A good home audio system is a pleasure to own and doesn't have to cost the earth.  Over the years what is deemed essential has changed and systems have become smaller and, unfortunately, feature fewer functions.  However, it is still possible to put together a fully featured and good sounding system.   There are also great second hand bargains to be had and a refurbished item from the 70s can still hold its own in today's modern world.

In recent years we have been undergoing what the mainstream press term a ‘vinyl revival’.  In fact, vinyl never really went away.

Much has been written about how vinyl is better than digital and or the other way around.

Some people will have you believe that playing vinyl properly is something of a dark art.

Vinyl is a passion of ours at Wiltshire Home Tech, and we can help you choose and set up the best system for you – just get in touch.

In the meantime, click on the buttons above to go to our help and advice pages or take a look at our vinyl blog where we will discuss all things vinyl and answer any questions you might have.

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