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Are you afraid of your computer?

Are you afraid of your computer?  Do you think that you will break it if you don’t know what you are doing?  Does this stop you getting the most out of it?

Don’t worry – many people feel like this, but you don’t have to.  Always remember that your computer is just a tool, and you are always in control.


Even the most powerful computer is actually quite stupid, and it will only do what you tell it to – even if, sometimes, it doesn’t feel like it.


With a bit of practice and some fun training, you too can be a master of your computer.


I have trained many people over the years who have never touched a computer before, and now they would not be without one and are discovering more and more things that it can do for them.


Let me know what you would like to know how to do and, together, we will achieve more than you would have ever imagined.


Remember, there are no stupid questions, so ask away – you won’t be the first who wants to know the answers.


Finally, always remember that you can switch it off and go and have a cup of tea as you are in control!

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